Checklists – Just In Case

Severe illness is on our minds as virus cases soar. While we may be coping with health care issues, there are also financial concerns and emotional needs. To reduce some of the stress, each of us should organize our estate information for easy access and do some simple planning. Here’s a checklist of items to […]

That Dreaded Conversation

The time has come for that dreaded conversation with your children.  I wish it was the one about sex.  Love in the age of Corona virus means planning for illness and even death. This requires a dedicated discussion. Much has changed in the way we communicate.  In other times, I would suggest that clients use […]

You Didn’t Marry My Money

The Maryland Legislature recently made it more difficult (but not impossible) to disinherit a spouse. When one spouse dies, the survivor has rights to the marital estate. However, the deceased spouse could have owned assets in a way that shielded them from the surviving spouse’s marital rights. The key change made by the new law […]

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