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What Is a Special Needs Trust?

Special Needs Trusts refers to an Estate Planning technique used to shelter assets for a Special Needs Person in a way that does not interrupt the person’s government benefits. Special needs trusts, also known as supplemental needs trusts, are an essential tool in planning for the future of your disabled children or ailing spouse.

A special needs trust can benefit any family member and/or children with disabilities by protecting assets and retaining public benefits, because the funds they hold are not considered income for the purpose of eligibility for benefits. The disabled person is called the “beneficiary” and the person or institution that manages the assets is called the “trustee.” Once the trust is set up, a variety of assets can be put into a trust fund, such as cash, stocks, bonds, and real estate investments.

Why you need a Special Needs Trusts Attorney?

The Special Needs Trusts Regulatory Compliance Checklist can be complicated and a good legal advice from a Special Needs Trust Attorney can help avoid serious problems.

  • Our attorneys can help you determine the appropriate trust administration method depending upon your circumstances.
  • For example: If the recipient makes over a set salary, they may no longer qualify for assistance. An attorney can help planning allocation of such money, so that the recipient can continue to qualify for benefits.
  • There are important considerations to keep in mind regarding public benefits, tax implications and the impact of the trust.

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