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What Is Guardianship?

Disabled adults who are unable to manage their property or make their own health care decisions may need a court to designate someone else to serve on their behalf. Establishing a guardianship is a formal, public, legal process. It is initiated when someone files a petition with a Maryland circuit court to be appointed guardian for an “alleged disabled person.”

The contents of the petition must include:

  • Description of the nature of the disability,
  • How it affects the alleged disabled person’s ability to function
  • Why a guardian should be appointed.

Courts take guardianship very seriously and are not willing to grant a guardianship to protect the interests of a sick or disabled individual without an adequate showing of evidence. In Maryland, there are two forms of guardianship – guardianship of the property and guardianship of the person (which includes power to make decisions on medical care, living arrangements, and other aspects of life).

Why you need to hire a Guardianship Attorney?

The guardianship process might be intimidating and confusing at times and having someone experienced who can handle court procedures is a big advantage on your side.

  • If you are looking to be appointed as a guardian then there is a significant amount of paperwork involved with the guardianship application process, and the guardianship hearing may be confusing and complex to a potential guardian.
  • Attorneys can also be able to represent people who want to resist the appointment of a guardian, including the allegedly incapacitated person.
  • A lawyer can help by walking you through the entire process and help you avoid common problems.
  • An attorney will help you by advising with regard to the guardianship responsibilities, the reporting of duties and any issues related to proposed termination of the guardianship.
  • If you are appointed guardian of the property, the attorney can continue to assist you by helping you to prepare an inventory of the assets and the annual accountings required by the court.

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