Owning a Home Without Money to Spare

In this second installment on the topic of home ownership and persons with disabilities, I will offer an example of the complications the trustee might face. I am the Trustee of a special needs trust established for an adult woman named Sasha. Although Sasha faces special challenges due to certain disabilities, she has achieved a […]

Special Needs Trusts and Home Ownership

Home ownership has been a cornerstone of the American dream. Yet, the ownership of a home presents challenges for persons with disabilities. As none of us knows if we might become disabled, these issues are universal in nature. Trusts are often employed to managed and administer and protect assets for a person with a disability. […]

Recuse or Resign

The wife of a Supreme Court Justice is rarely a public figure. Yet, Virginia Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, recently become well known for her extreme political views. Marriage to Clarence Thomas has given Virginia Thomas access to powerful people and she has availed herself of that privilege. While Virginia Thomas is entitled to […]

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