Who Do You Trust With Your Money? (Part Three – Multiple Agents)

Hopefully, each of us has at least one person we trust to aid us in a time of distress or illness. When it comes to financial matters, we hope that those people are savvy in asset management, record keeping, and tax compliance. Most often when selecting fiduciaries, such as agents under a power of attorney, […]

Who Do You Trust With Your Money? (Part Two – A Cautionary Tale)

The appointment of an agent under a Power of Attorney is a minefield of potential abuses.  Even a trusted person can become untrustworthy. Agents often have a great deal of discretion and the potential for conflicts of interest abound. If a power of attorney is effective when executed, the agent can act on the principal’s […]

Who Do You Trust With Your Money? (Part One – The Effective Date)

“Whom do you trust?” is the most challenging question for people planning their estates. This question arises because we each need to rely upon others for support in times of crisis or illness. We wonder who we trust to be honest, fair, reliable, and diligent. Designating an agent involves careful consideration of when, how, and […]

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