All parents have a never-ending list of concerns for their children. When a child has a physical or mental challenge, the concerns are multiplied. My role, as an estate-planning attorney, is to help my clients figure out how to continue to protect their child should they themselves become incapacitated or pass away. I can offer […]

Rarely do we experience bold steps by our government to address the needs of persons with disabilities. Toward that goal, Congress passed the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014 to provide IRA style savings accounts for persons with disabilities. President Obama’s signature completes the process. What is great about this Act is the […]

Many of our clients are motivated to visit us for planning as their children with disabilities become adults and the parents face their mortality. This has been the topic of some recent articles such as this one in the New York Times. Click here to read more: https://nyti.ms/1VNowAn

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