Cindy Birdsong, of the Supremes, needed help controlling her dwindling assets. Mavis Leno, Jay’s wife, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease before having completed her estate planning. After suffering a brain aneurism, Joni Mitchell was unable to make medical decisions. For each of these women, Courts were asked to appoint a Conservator. Cindy Birdsong. Courts appoint […]

Dianne Feinstein has many problems. She is a frail 90-year-old member of the United States Senate. In addition to her health problems, Feinstein is engaged in a lawsuit over trusts created with her late husband. We can’t avoid old age, but proper estate planning can help avoid family fights. Two separate lawsuits were filed in […]

Imagine you are sitting on a couch at home. With pen in hand, you jot down notes about how your assets should be distributed when you die. You tuck the pages into a spiral notebook and shove the notebook under the couch cushions.  Perhaps you are just an ordinary Joe or Josephine or Aretha Franklin. […]

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