The most challenging question in estate planning is, “Whom do you trust?” The estate planning process includes the execution of several documents, wills, powers of attorney, and sometimes trusts.  Each requires naming a “fiduciary.” A fiduciary is someone you trust to handle your affairs when you are ill or after death. Who you choose to […]

Jerry Springer did not share his diagnosis with the public. Springer’s fans were surprised when he died from cancer in April 2023. The news media jumped on another secret. The press reported that Springer left his entire estate to children from an out-of-wedlock relationship. But the report was not accurate. Across social media, viewers watched […]

We are living longer. Yet, demographic changes threaten our retirement plans for prosperity and enjoyment. For those of us who live longer lives, there may be some breathing room for additional planning, both financial and psychological. The statistics about the coming changes in the labor force and our economy are fascinating. For example, family sizes […]

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