Britney Spears’ conservatorship shined a spotlight on the problems of guardianship systems and their damaging impact on people’s lives. The world saw that Britney’s mental health challenges did not impede her ability to make decisions such as selecting attorneys and engaging health care professionals. What the California system lacked was an appreciation for the concept […]

Another day, another celebrity estate battle. Hallelujah for the attorneys. This time it is the estate of beloved singer, songwriter, author, and poet Leonard Cohen. “Leonard Cohen’s lawyers and manager forged his trust so they could fleece the estate of millions of dollars and steal the Hall of Famer’s legacy from his own children,” attorney […]

Bruce Willis’ family recently announced he has frontotemporal dementia. The actor just celebrated his 68th birthday. For most people, dementia is associated with advanced age. To many, Willis’ condition was surprising given his age, but not so much for me. My best friend in high school began to lose words and seem confused while only […]

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