My client called me in a panic. After his spouse, Bobbi, died, my client checked with Bobbi’s employer. Bobbi had a life insurance policy through her work. The human resources director assured my client that the policy beneficiary was the spouse. Yet, my client was the second spouse. What if the beneficiary named in the […]

Another celebrity death and another lesson in estate planning mistakes. Lisa Marie Presley, the recently deceased daughter of Elvis Presley is the focus of a recent case before the Los Angeles Superior Court. The plaintiff is Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla Presley. The lawsuit focuses on estate planning basics. Did Lisa Marie properly sign and execute […]

Children sometimes steal from their parents. I’m not talking about the petty theft of a minor sneaking into dad’s wallet.  The greater concern is with adult children caring for elderly parents. The Maryland Appellate Court has made it clear that the unauthorized taking of funds from a parent’s account is theft. The Appellate Court of […]

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