Estate Planning frequently requires choices as to how and when wealth is distributed to family. Just as death and taxes are certain, so too issues will arise and plans will be challenged. The skill of an attorney who can both craft and draft a document may be the difference between discord and harmony, especially when […]

Mom’s attorney asks her to select a trustee for the testamentary trust being created under Mom’s will. The trust is for the lifetime benefit of one child. The remainder will pass to the then surviving children or their families in equal shares. So who does mom trust to administer this trust fairly and devoted to […]

When children have unequal skills or different needs, estate planning can be flexible. The best planning may include a testamentary trust, designed to manage estate assets after the grantor’s death. While the solution is simple to suggest, the person engaged in estate planning will have to cope with several difficult choices As a result, Mrs. […]

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